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Management and Economics Faculty



Global economic development and Iran’s economy moving toward growth and development along with applying scientific approaches to economic, financial and management decision-makings have led to increasing importance of economics, accounting and management fields of study. Mathematics entering to the realm of these three fields caused these fields to be considered as top fields of study in the country. Based on these facts and having in mind the commercial, industrial, mineral and agricultural potentials of the southeast region of Iran, especially Kerman province, and the role experts of economics, accounting and management could play in the national and regional growth and development process.



 Shahid Bahonar University’s Faculty of Economics and Management was officially established in 1995 with three fields of economics, accounting and Business administration in B.A. level. Due to the importance of graduate studies, students were admitted in M.A. level in Business administration in 2003 and Economics and Accounting in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Fortunately, this faculty could establish graduate levels of Business administration, Crisis administration and Entrepreneurial administration, which are offered in a limited number of universities in country until 2008. Doctoral levels of Accounting and Economics were also launched in 2011; therefore, currently we have 280 graduate students pursuing their studies. Faculty of economics and management has participated in 35 important provincial and national research projects and its faculty members have written and translated a numerous number of textbooks since 2000 some of which are being used as university textbooks.

Faculty members have also participated in writing, publishing and presenting a large number of articles in national and international journals and conferences. Besides that, having participated in the province advisory councils, faculty members have played an important role in provincial decision-makings and could successfully connect the industry to university. Due to the efforts of faculty members, Journal of Accounting Knowledge started its publication in 2000. This faculty has also published some issues of the journal of Development and Capital. Library of the faculty includes more than 3000 books and considerable number of journals available to graduate studies students. Computer center was also equipped for graduate and doctoral levels students. It is to be noted that this faculty has also held 15 credible provincial and national conferences.

Certainly, expert faculty members andtalented students together with library and equipped computer center and the experience of participating in various research projects indicate that the faculty of economics and management could still play its important role in advancing the goals of Islamic Republic of Iran and developing Kerman province.


The most important future goals of faculty

·        Employing faculty members holding PhDs and completing the faculty member vacancies

·        Launching the Department of Entrepreneurship

·        Launching Financial Economics and Crisis Management research centers in southeast of Iran

·        Launching doctoral studies on Management

·        Launching interdisciplinary field proper to the relevant advantaged of the province 

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